SuMPO EPD is a tool for businesses to report third-party verified LCA data in a transparent and standardized manner based on ISO14025, ISO14040/44, and other relevant standards.


2024 Program Renewal

SuMPO EPD Japan started its journey as Ecoleaf program in 2002.
Since its inception, more than 300 organizations*1 used the program with over 5,000 declarations*2.
Ecoleaf is now renamed SuMPO EPD Japan with a new logo and updated website to make EPDs more accessible and transparent.

*1 : This is a cumulative number, meaning organizations that no longer have valid declarations are included. Organizations that have (or had) only CFP declarations are included.

*2 : This is also a cumulative number, meaning expired declarations are included. Both Ecoleaf (EPDs) and CFP declarations are included in this number.


SuMPO EPD Japan is owned and operated by SuMPO (Sustainable Management Promotion Organization), an independent not-for-profit organization located in Japan (a legal entity registered in Japan). SuMPO, with support from the Advisory Board and the Technical Committee, ensures the program’s operational transparency and objectiveness. The program is operated in accordance with ISO14025, ISO/TS14027 (for PCR development) and ISO14040/44. Additionally, it complies with ISO21930 for EPDs in the construction sector.


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Introduction Video

Here is a short introductory video for EPDs and PCRs in this program at a glance. The video will be posted as soon as it is ready!

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