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Structure of SuMPO EPD

SuMPO EPD operates under the following structure in accordance with ISO14025 and ensures the program’s transparency and objectivity.

SuMPO EPD Program Management chart

Advisory Board (AB)

The Advisory Board aims to ensure the transparent and fair operation of SuMPO EPD and provides advice on various matters necessary for its healthy development from the perspectives of stakeholders from industry, academia, government, and the public.

Technical Committee (TC)

The Technical Committee provides technical support to the secretariat of SuMPO EPD, particularly in areas such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), and offers assistance and advice on technical matters. Also, a chair of the PCR review panel is usually appointed from the Technical Committee.

PCR Review Panel

The PCR Review Panel makes the final judgment on the approval of PCR. The PCR Review Panel is comprised of at least three external experts with the chair of the panel always being independent of the industries covered by the PCR.

PCR Working Group (PCR WG)

The PCR Working Group, composed of stakeholders, drafts PCR. Any parties, with some exceptions, relevant to a product category of the PCR can join the PCR WG. The PCR WG is also called the PCR Committee.

PCR Moderator

The PCR Moderator, a member of the PCR Working Group, leads the drafting of PCR and plays a central role in the entire process of PCR development. The PCR Moderator is also called the PCR Committee Chair.

EPD System Certification Body

The EPD System Certification Body, which may be an accredited certification body, conducts assessments for businesses wishing to issue EPDs via a certified internal system.

Individual Verifier and Verification Body

Both individual verifiers and verification bodies registered in the program can conduct verifications for EPDs.