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[The SuMPO Environmental Labeling Program Briefing Session for FY2024 held on 3/28/2024] Archive distribution, etc.

SuMPO Environmental Labeling Program Briefing for FY2024

Archived Distribution and Q&A

SuMPO (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Takehisa Kabeya; hereinafter referred to as “SuMPO”) is the only organization in Japan that operates an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) program in accordance with ISO 14025.
As we have held several briefing sessions in the past, we held a briefing session to explain the changes from April 2024, as well as the future direction of EPD in Japan and new initiatives, etc.
We encourage all businesses already participating in the program, as well as those considering participation in the program, to watch the video of this briefing session.

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