SuMPO Environmental Label Program Office

[Adding a batch input function for the SuMPO environmental labeling program to MiLCA]

Addition of Batch Entry Function for SuMPO Environmental Labeling Program to MiLCA

We are pleased to announce the official release date of April 1, 2024 for the addition of batch entry functionality for the SuMPO environmental labeling program to MiLCA v.3 and MiLCA for EPD, which we have been announcing since last year.
The date of availability will be April 1. Businesses that have already purchased MiLCA v.3 or are using or have applied for MiLCA for EPDs on or before March 31 will receive the installer with additional functions sequentially after April 1. (No additional cost, and the expiration date will remain the same as your current contract).
Operating instructions for the batch entry function will be available on the MiLCA website ( and the SuMPO Environmental Labeling Program website (

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