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[Online Briefing on Operational Improvement Vol.2, held on 12/19/2023] Archived Distribution and Q&A

SuMPO Environmental Labeling Program Operational Improvement Online Information Session Vol. 2

Archived Distribution and Q&A

The Sustainable Management Promotion Organization (SuMPO; Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Takehisa Kabeya; hereafter referred to as “SuMPO”) is working to promote the spread of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), which are comprehensive product environmental information that includes carbon footprints, SuMPO is working to update its environmental labeling program to accelerate communication of environmental information among companies in the supply chain.
From April 2024, we plan to implement the following three initiatives: “EPD standardization “*1, “transition to the calculation tool MiLCA for EPD “*2, and “fee revision “*3. On December 19, 2023, we held an online briefing session on this operation.
If you did not attend the 11/14 orientation, please see this article as well.

*1: In line with international standards, CFP is positioned as a part of EPD (Multi-area evaluation) and EPD is common to all products. Only climate change (CFP) can be cut out and continue to declare its carbon footprint.
*2: As of April 2024, the loan of the calculation tool (Excel version) for IDEA v2.1.3 will be discontinued in favor of the calculation tool (MiLCA for EPD version) for IDEA v3.1. Click here for “MiLCA for EPD Frequently Asked Questions”
*3: The rate revision will be implemented from April 2024. click here for the “New Rate Announcement Online Briefing Session Archived Streaming and Q&A” held on November 14, 2023.

■December 19, 2023 Briefing Session Archived on YouTube (SuMPO Channel)

■Application Form for Information Session Materials
If you apply using the form, we will send you the URL for downloading the materials.

■Q&A *Published on January 18, 2024

Q1. Will databases other than IDEA, such as ecoinvent, be available for the SuMPO environmental labeling program?
A1. The timing has not yet been determined, but is under consideration to be made available.

Q2. Will it be possible to obtain EPDs that comply with European standards such as EN15804+A2?
A2. The timing has not yet been determined, but we are considering the possibility of making it possible to acquire the equipment.

Q3. If changes are required to a published declaration that has been calculated using the current Excel version of the calculation tool (IDEAv2.1 compliant), how do I apply for changes?
A3. In principle, the Excel version of the calculation tool (IDEAv2.1 compliant) will be discontinued. If you need to make any changes after the expiration date, you will need to apply for verification again using MiLCA for EPD. If you need to make changes that do not affect the calculation results, such as changing the name of your company, please contact us.

Q4. Can registered units of measure be used in MiLCA/MilCA for EPD?
FB-01 Application for Use of Calculation Tool MiLCA for EPD” Application Form
→[Click here to download the Calculation Tool Application Form/IDEA Terms of Use and Agreement.]
→ Excel source list sheet in OneDrive

Q5.Will the names of EcoLeaf and CFP remain the same?
A5. We are considering the possibility of changing the program while sorting out the impact of the change.

Q6. If a verification application is filed on March 20, 2024 and the application for registration and publication is filed on April 20, 2024, would the EPD program affiliation fee apply instead of the registration and publication fee?
A6. The EPD Program affiliation fee will apply to applications for registration and publication after April 2024.
Please note that an application for registration release must be submitted within three months of the date of notification of successful verification.
In addition, even in cases where a pass/fail decision has not been made (cancellation or hold), if an application for open registration has not been submitted within one year from the date of application for verification, the applicant will be required to pay the EPD Program affiliation fee for one year in principle.

Q7. Can you confirm the difference between an application under MilCA for EPD where the number of IDEA v3.1 source units that can be used is limited to 1,500 and where all of them can be used?
A7. The list of available IDEA intensity when limited to 1,500 cases can be found in the list of intensity listed in Q4. Please refer to “Formats and Samples Provided” from the URL below for IDEA v.3 samples of the units of measure in the case where all units can be used.
In order to narrow down the list to 1,500, we conducted a survey of businesses in February 2022.
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